Investment Structuring & SMSFs

Investing in the wrong structure can lead to terrible outcomes such as the erosion of your investment base from tax or predators and the inability to access your wealth when you need.

Optimal investment structuring should be undertaken on a tailored basis and usually changes along with your circumstances and life stage. 

It is an essential part of your wealth plan. 

Investment structures may include superannuation, SMSFs, family trusts or individual and jointly held investments. 


Self-managed superannuation funds are continuing to grow in popularity and allow people to have greater control over their superannuation.

Don’t fancy being one of thousands of members in a retail or industry fund? Then a SMSF may be the answer for you. 

Speak to us today about whether a SMSF may be the right fit for you.

Retirement Planning

Achieving financial independence is a goal for most investors, to provide more lifestyle choices and financial freedom.

An essential part of achieving financial independence is effective retirement planning. Being able to access tax efficient and flexible retirement income streams throughout your retirement is crucial to achieving financial success and true financial freedom.

Retirement income streams may include tax effective superannuation pension payments, supplemented via additional investment income from assets housed outside superannuation.

Appropriate investment portfolio structuring is also critical to ensuring the longevity of your retirement investment capital which may need to be balanced against sequencing risk or the risk of early capital depletion due to investment capital price volatility.

Intergenerational Wealth Planning

Preparing for what happens on your passing is often last on an investors list. However it is an inevitable part of life and an absence of planning can result in dire outcomes for loved ones.

Careful estate planning preparation, which considers tax and individual beneficiary outcomes is critical to ensure your loved ones will be looked after as you wish.

We work closely with professional legal advisers to ensure preferred outcomes in the transfer of your wealth to your chosen beneficiaries, taking into account tax and other considerations.