Build & Protect Wealth

Building Your Tower

The sooner you start building the better.

Wealth accumulation strategies can take many forms and may include cash flow and tax planning, superannuation contribution strategies and consideration of preferred investment structures.

All effective wealth accumulation strategies require discipline and focus. 

Building long term wealth has nothing to do with luck. 

We can provide you with the framework and tools to succeed.

Protecting your Tower

Many people build their tower only to see it topple from bad structuring, inadequate personal insurance, inappropriate investment strategies or poor estate planning arrangements.

Unforseen circumstances can and do happen. It is essential to be prepared. 

At Enrich, we believe that protecting wealth is just as important as building wealth. And it forms an essential part of everything we do.

Wealth protection is at the forefront of our investment process and our advice cycle – integral to our wealth accumulation and retirement planning strategies.

Personal insurance, estate planning and tailored investment strategies are all essential to maintaining adequate wealth protection measures.

Careful estate planning preparation, which considers tax and individual beneficiary outcomes is critical to ensure your loved ones will be looked after as you wish.

We work closely with professional legal advisers to ensure preferential outcomes in the transfer of your wealth to your chosen beneficiaries taking into account tax and other considerations.