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We provide Independent, Simple & Expert Financial Advice

Personal Financial CoachingIndependent Financial Adviser

Our core service is ongoing independent financial advice for individuals & families to assist them achieve financial & life goals.

Build & Protect Wealth

We provide flexible and tailored frameworks and strategies to build and protect wealth.

Investment Structures & SMSFs

An integral part of financial success is harnessing the right investment structures. Our expert guidance will incorporate your preferred investment structures to meet your needs.

Retirement Planning & Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

Our frameworks provide the means to move towards and achieve financial freedom, plan for your retirement and ensure a smooth intergenerational wealth transfer so you can get on with life.

What We Do & Why We Are Different

At Enrich, we provide a different and independent financial adviser experience.

Everything we do and the independent financial advice we provide is only to benefit you.

We have no conflicts that may compromise our advice.

We really are Independent. And not many financial advisers can say that. We are not owned by or affiliated with any financial product provider. We do not accept any form of commission, payment or benefit from any product provider.

We like to keep our advice simple. So you can understand it. And own it.
We know that knowledge is power. And we want to hand that power to you.

Our core service is personal financial coaching with a focus on
– Wealth generation (includes ethical investing choices); and
– Protecting your wealth over the long term.

We get and keep you on track to meet your financial and lifestyle goals to live your best life. We know that it is never just about the money – so we take the time to understand what is important to you.

Invest today for a better tomorrow.

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We Take The Time to Understand You
Because It’s Never Just About the Money

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